Blockchain development services
Consultancy and development services powered by my field expertise and technical experience in projects of different size and complexity.
Expert consultations
You've got the ideas, I have the technical know-how to help you define core features and opportunities to deliver the best solution. , on to I'll define your technology stack, provide PoC/MVP consultations and a clear plan for the future, including extensive documentation and the architecture of your blockchain system.
Blockchain architecture
Private blockchain, compared to the public one, is not an autonomous unit that you can connect and forget. It requires clear architecture and an understanding of core components. I will develop sprawling architecture for your blockchain system and any possible integrations.
Development services
Whether you're planning to implement smart contracts for public blockchains or create a private/permissioned ecosystem, I have the whole process covered. I have experience with everything: from a supply chain management system, consortium-based solutions, and asset management to non-tokenized solutions.
Security audit
I am a huge security enthusiast and always stand for the highest security standards. So my services include rigorous audits of existing codebases. You will get a detailed audit report with the general feedback on the smart contract's code, any found security issues and their complexity, as well as recommendations on how to fix them (or I can fix it myself).
Technologies I work with
Development approach
Gather all the requirements on your project and ideas. This will help to define the goals, technical stack, and create a plan to move further.
Plan out the process and design architecture. Based on the requirements, you will receive a blockchain specification, as well as an architecture of your project.
Start the development process.
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